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Hi Steve,

I just received the guide rod I ordered from you and I am quite impressed. The fit and finish are quite remarkable.
Thank you for your excellent service and timely delivery time.<>
I have been a gunsmith since 1975 and have always tried to treat my customers the way I would like to be treated.  There are many in this business where this philosophy doesn't apply.  It's refreshing to see that there are some, as yourself, who feel the same way I do.  <>When I ran across your web site on the internet I was in need of a guide rod for a CZ 75b.  My next question is what else do you make?  <>
Please let me know what else I can order from you.  

<>Thanks again, <> 

Hello Steve, I just received the guide rod today and everything is excellent from the packagaing which is very neat, and especially the craftmanship of your rod. I installed it and the fit is l00%, looks very solid and reliable. I Haven't gone to the range but I am very positive that it will work as it should. I am very happy with my purchased and very much willing to buy again some of your products in the future. I would also highly recommend your products to my friends. Thank you again.



I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is doing business with you.  Your products are first class and shipping is very prompt.  I wish everyone I ordered from had your level of professionalism.

  <>Thanks again,


I got the guide rods today and they're first-class workmanship.  I've already installed one and am ready to go.

I should tell you that I got two Blackwater P226s and attached a Viridian laser to one of them.  Went to the range to sight it in and had some trouble getting it sighted in, until the very end.  Finally got it.  Came home tore the gun down to clean and found a plastic guide rod.  Talk about disappointed in Sig.  Now I know why it took so long to sight the Viridian in.  I imagine I won't have any more problems with your guide rods.  Just wanted to say thanks and tell you that I am extremely impressed with your guide rods.

Take care and if I find any more plastic guide rods in my pistol array, now or in the future, you can bet I will be back.




Thanks, Steve.

  <>The guide rod arrived today.

You are faster than greased lightning!

You prompt, personal and efficient service is greatly appreciated.

I've read and known about your guide rods for quite awhile, but never had a need for one until now. I'm pleased to have the Best of the Best to use in my newer 92FS.


Thanks Steve!

  <>I'm so very impressed with the professionalism of your operation, the quality of the product, and the excellent customer service. <> 
Have a great weekend! <> 


<>Steve I received a checkered guide rod for a Sig P226 last Monday and I tested it this weekend.  You make a great piece of art. The guide rod functioned flawlessly and nicely compliments the Sig.  Thank you greatly for a great product.  Also, companies should look into how you ship products; that was the fastest I have ever received any order.


Thanks,  Steve.  I bought a rod from you in the past and recently bought another Beretta M9 with the plastic rod.  Just had to replace it as well.  I'm a machinist and appreciate the quality you build into these rods.


Just wanted to drop you a note on the stainless guide rod for my 226 Elite Stainless. Absolutely beautiful piece! Leaving now for the range to try it out.

Your product and service is first class, a pleasure to deal with someone like you.  Will order more as the collection grows!

<>Thanks again, I'll share my positive thoughts with others on the SigForum (currently their is a Steve Bedair fan club posting prsisng your work)  <>
Thanks again, Steve

Hello Steve,

  <>Promptly received the steel guide rod for my CZ75-P06 yesterday. Its a beauty and fits perfectly!!! Talk about a quality upgrade! For such a great company, I have no idea why CZ went with a plastic factory guide rod... Anyway, got my CZ wood grips in yesterday also and with your guide rod, my CZ 75-P06 is solid!!! Thank you for your great service and impeccable product. I found your company on Google and am amazed that you do what you do. What a relief! Will definitely have future business with you and will put your name/business out there for my law enforcement buddies in Austin. <> 
Take care man and keep up the good work.


Mr. Bedair,

   I'd like to thank you for my simple and warm buying experience. The guide rod for my P225 is a very attractive piece. I've yet to install it, as I have more parts on the way, but I'm sure that it will add much in form & function to my freshened-up pistol. Your personal thanks for doing business along the way were sincere and refreshing. I will highly recommend your business to others, and look forward to requiring your services in the future.


Just wanted to drop you a note to inform you that both guide rods arrived. They look and feel awesome compared with stock guide rods. I have installed both of them and they look great. The stainless barrels and guide rods look ominous surrounded by the SigSauer Nirtron finish on the slide and frame. I had to go to the shooting range and club I belong to pick up my other barrel and Crimson Trace grips. While I was there I showed a couple of the range associates the guide rod and they were impressed. One of them who also owns a SigSauer seemed quite interested as he matched his factory guide rod with the one I got from you.  I gave them your web site info and your name. Maybe they will get in contact with you and give you some more business. Thanks for a superior guide rod.



  <>I ordered the guide rod for my CZ-75B before I even picked it up from the gun shop.  I picked up my new pistol today and the first thing I did was install your guide rod (after a VERY thin film of lithium grease was applied). <> 
Fit, finish and function were perfect and the added weight up front feels good.  This is most definitely the part that the pistol should have been shipped with.  I can't recommend it highly enough.



just received the guide rod and dropped it right in.  Nice work!

<>I think you are the only guy on the planet making .380 government guide rods.  :() I 've owned colt .45's for years - just so late to the .380.  Not much specialty that I can find for this pistol.  You and C&S, maybe some local guys.  Glad you were there.

<>Hi Steve,
Thank-you very much for such fast delivery service, I received my guide rod today.  Very nice precision workmanship and finish.  I couldn't wait to install it onto my Colt 380 government model.  As advertised, it fit like a glove with noticeable improvement on the slide action, very smooth indeed.  <>


I got the guide rod today for my Sig Sauer P226 Elite Stainless .40 cal, and I love it. Thanks for making such a great product. Damn shame Sig doesn't include this nice of a guide rod on a gun that has a MSRP of $1350.00.  I will definately be buying more rods soon for my other Sigs.

Thanks again,

Thank you for the personal attention. I own a couple of small businesses and can appreciate what you do. I ve read great things about your p07 guide rods. To give you an idea, I just purchased the gun new this evening and the first thing I did was order your guide rod and a high noon holster.

<>I can t wait to install it!

  Hi Steve,

          Thanks for  the incredibly fast shipment and a really class A product. You really know how to conduct business. Good luck, but I don't think you need it.



  Magnificent!  I couldn't be happier with your product.
Here is an official feedback comment I give you permission to post on your site:
Steve you have the most excellent customer service I have ever known, you make a first time customer feel like a long time friend which I appreciate very much.  You have earned my future business.  As my gun collection grows in the future, so will the number of checks you receive from me!  Steve received my plastic guiderod on a thursday, made the stainless steel guiderod for my Walther P99 in one day and shipped it to me on friday, what more can you ask?  Do not hesitate to do business with Steve, he is a great guy.  Chris Vassallo.

Hello Steve,

I wanted to let you know that the guide rod arrived today.  Amazing how inferior the stock one is to your work of art.  I imagine they are produced on a CNC, but the fit and finish is 1000% better than the "Beretta".  It makes the gun feel far more secure while cycling the slide, and I can notice the extra minor weight on the muzzle.

I am completely assured that you are a success in your business.  For my minor purchase, you responded to my emails quickly and kindly.  Your promised shipment was immediate, and you furnished updates to me when it shipped.  Finally, great product packaging and your hand signed thank note with the item.  Simply Fantastic!

  <>I apologize for stating what you already know to be your business practice, but true customer service as you have demonstrated has become a lost art with the exception of a few such as yourself.  <>I wish I owned another 96, but I would consider buying another guide rod simply for the sake of having a backup.  If and when I come across others with firearms you have listed on your site, you can be assured I will recommend they purchase your product. <> 

Hard to imagine that a $25 purchase could please me this much.

Sincere Regards,

Robert I.

<>The guiderod just came in the mail.... WOW, that was some insane fast shipping!!!
Thank you SO much!  I'm off to the range!

I sent a gratuitous pic for your enjoyment.  This pistol is a lot happier now.


I just wanted to thank you for the guide rod,  It works wonderfully!  I recieved it int he mail a few days after you sent this email and installed it that night.  Thanks for a great product and quick response!  I'm recommending your guide rods to everyone I know.

<>Thanks again!
Dan Q.


Got my guide rod (220carry) in the mail yesterday, WOW that was quick! Thanks. Glad I found you on the Sig Forum.Can't wait till you offer a stainless rod for my new Sig 250 to replace the cheap looking plastic one from the factory. Again thanks and will gladly do business again!


My guide rod came in the mail today, and I couldn't be more impressed with the shipping speed as well as the quality of craftsmanship of the guide rod.  It looks great, and I can only imagine it will perform the same.  I'll be going to the range this weekend to try it out; I can hardly wait!  Thanks, and I'm sure I'll be a repeat customer for future guns.

    I want to thank you for such a wonderful product. The craftmanship,
    quick feedback and prompt shipping is impressive.
    Thanks again
    Jon, KY

Just got the two rods, and between such fantastic service and most of all quality workmanship, once again I am blown away.  Been backing you up on the Forum almost daily!!!!  All my setups are now running Bedair, now if you could only make one for my 22 conversion you would have it all here!!! LOL!!

Thanks again.  TOP NOTCH!!!!!!

Thanks for the prompt reply!
FWIW, a particular dealer on the SigForum had nothing but great things to say about your product when I bought my 229.
Thank you for the prompt service too!

I just wanted to let you know that the guide rod for my Pro 2022 arrived Saturday.
I don't know much, but what I DO know is quality when I see it. I was so impressed that I just had to show it to my gunsmith (who's knowledge and expertise I greatly respect). He was was as equally, if not more, impressed than I was with the quality of your workmanship. I would also like to add that your courtesy and customer service are exemplary. Thank you.

Best regards,
Everett WA

P.S. Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial as you wish.


Hello Steve, I recieved your guide rod today in the mail, when I disassembled my CZ P01 I couldn't believe the cheap plastic guide rod they put in this nice gun. It was already bent before I even shot the damn thing. When I  assembled your guide rod it fit like a glove and it looks great, spring sits nice and straight. And yes I noticed a light coating of oil you put on it. NICE!
Thanks for a fine product
Orlando Fl


Hi Steve:
I wanted to share with you one of the reasons I was motivated to buy your guide rods for my SIG P226, and P239.  Back when Glock introduced the Glock 27 .40 S&W sub-compact, I purchased one.  I took it directly from the gun sales counter, to their indoor range, with a couple boxes of new ammo (not reloads).  The forth shot jammed the gun.  It jammed it so bad I could not clear it, and I had their gunsmith take a look at it.  It turned out the cheap plastic guide rod in the Glock had broken and jammed the gun so badly, they gave me a new gun.  I could never regain confidence in the Glock after that, and sold it a couple months later.
While the SIG's guide rods were not plastic, the one in the P226 was a thin hollow metal tube, and the one in the P239 although solid metal, was very rough on the surface that the spring slides on, making the slide operation somewhat rough.
Needless to say, replacing both guide rods with your precision machined stainless steel guide rods has helped me sleep better!
Thank you,


Hi Steve,

  I received the rod. This is some high quality work you do. I am very satisfied. My gun finally looks like it matches. The steel guide rod blends in perfect with my Robar NP3’d CZ-P01. No more wobbly black plastic guide rod.

Now if only you made grips…

Thanks again,

I received the Guide Rod in todays mail and I'm very happy. It's 
obvious that you are a craftsman and a businessman of your word. If
it's OK with you, I will be posting my satisfaction with doing business
with you on a few gun forums that I belong to. I hope you get some
business from from them.

Thanks again, Mark


I went to the gun range today. Wow!
If you have never shot a 97B, you need to borrow or buy one. Its
accuracy rivals that of a revolver.
The gun is so heavy compared to other 45 pistols, it is a pleasure to
I have read that the plastic rod I replaced works just fine, and it
probably does.
I wanted something more substantial, however.
I shot 1 ragged hole of 10 shots at 20 yards! Wow.
The gun seemed a little smoother than before, but it definitely will not
have a bent plastic guide rod with a spring around it flopping around
inside every time I pull the trigger.
Thanks again for the steel rod.



This is my 3rd rod that I have ordered from you, and they are a must have. I just bought a new Sig 220 Elite today, and will not shoot it until it has one of your guide rods in it! Thanks for a SUPER product.


My wife and I like to shoot and we feel it is prudent to be able to shoot equally as well with the other's gun, as with our own. Along those lines I let my wife shoot my SIG P239 9 mm, and she found she didn't like the way it felt due to recoil - from past experience I know a good stainless steel guide rod can help with this problem, so I did a Google search and found your guide rods made specifically for SIG's and thought it worth a try. I put your guide rod in my 239 without telling her and we went back to the range as my wife was determined to master this gun. First 5 shots out of the gun were all in the X-ring! She looked at me in amazement wanting to know; "What had I done to the gun?" - I explained I had put in a stainless steel guide rod that I had acquired from this fellow online - she said; "We need more!"

Impressed with the original results we purchased two additional guide rods - one for a SIG P239 in 40 cal S&W, and one for a SIG P226 in 9 mm - in both cases the results were equally as profound. I have enclosed a few photos of our 226 session - I put 4 in a row and the fifth just below and my wife put all 5 right on top of each other! The results are better than hoped for - noticeably less felt recoil, less muzzle rise which translates to tighter grouping on the shots. Thanks - my only regret is I have run out of SIG's to put your guide rods in...


"I got home late last nite (Monday), and spent at least 10 minutes admiring the rod before even installing it into my SIG P228. All reservations about the quality of fit-and/or-finish are gone. This is easily the equal, if not better than, the stock SIG guide rod for fitment, and it places a noticeable amount of weight directly under the's better than a heavier slide because it doesn't have inertia. The rod doesn't move, so it contributes to the overall weight of the gun, directly under the barrel (where it is needed most) without making recoil feel heavier by way of a heavier reciprocating mass. The rod makes the gun cycle smoothly...maybe even better than the original? Who knows, could be the placebo effect. The quality of the stainless is great. Does it have a coating on the outside; it looks almost finished in some glossy clear-coat. I could be wrong. I love the machined look and couldn't be happier. You have another VERY satisfied customer." 

Received the guide rod promptly, actually a couple of days before I was able to pick up my CZ 75 P01 (10 day wait in CA). Brought the pistil home today and installed it. It fits perfectly. I was impressed in your quick shipping and clever packaging. Looks 1000% better that the plastic one the pistol comes with.
Best Regards,
Rocklin CA

I rec'd the ss rod today, wow, that was super fast shipping. It's installed and it looks great, now I need to take her to the range! Soon I'll have to get one for all my guns. :) I'm interested in getting one for my 92FS as well.
Thanks again,

I couldn't resist, I went home on lunch and put in the new rod..WOW! I love it and it fits great! Thank you for a very finely crafted piece of work! Now I just have to close up shop early so I can get in some range time! Thanks again!

Received the guide rod today. Great machining job, fits perfectly and the pistol cycles much better. I appreciate your rapid turnaround.
Happy Holidays

Who would have thought that something so little would make such a big difference! My only complaint with you is that you don't offer more products!!
Thanks again,

Received the rod today. I've worked with stainless steel many years ago. Clean lathe work. I like it. Fits perfect!

Excellent transaction, the rod fit perfectly!

The guide rod fits perfect. Love the finish and the length is dead on. I'll be ordering another for my P239. 

The 220/226 guide rod arrived today. Workmanship is wonderful, fit is perfect, and I look forward to getting a couple more. Can't wait to use it, thanks for the great service.

I received the guide rod, fits great,
Thanks Steve

Got my P226 guide rod today. A fine example of expert machining. It is very stout and the finish is perfect. Will test at my first opportunity. Thanks Steve!

Got my stainless guide rod yesterday looked great so I went to the range tonight, If you think your sig shoots great wait till you try one of these rods. 40 rounds in 6in at 30 feet no flyers

The guide rod in beautifully machined and functions flawlessly.

The guide rods for my 226 & 229 arrived today and look, feel and fit fabulously. Thanks for the great product and workmanship. I guess I'll have to buy another Sig now so I can have an excuse to get another guide rod. Thanks again.

Steve, got the rod today, beautiful work. thanks

Received mine. I am VERY happy with this item and will be recommending it to all my SIG friends. -
Don Mason

Steve, Thanks for the guide rod! Amazingly fast service too! Anyone that is thinking about buying one, buy with confidence that you will get outstanding service! Steve, I need one for the 239 that is coming soon, I just sent payment!

Received the rods for the 220/229 and 229/ Excellent workmanship and very prompt service.

I got my rod for my 239. Top quality, works great took it out this past weekend. And the service from Steve was tremendous. Definately use Steve for your SS rod needs

I just received the guide rods today for my P245. Since Steve didn't have the ones for the P245, I had to send him my original to get the measurements so that he could make one. I was a little hesitant at first, considering he is new here to the forum, and that I was trusting him with my only guide rod. I was glad I did. Very honest and trustworthy dealer. I would definitely buy from him again, and highly recommend him! All I can say is WOW! Excellent craftsmanship and very speedy service, considering I had to send my original to him, then he had to make them and send them back to me. Kudos Steve, for a job well done!


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